2019 Family Friends of Scouting Resources

Family Friends of Scouting (FFOS)

Welcome to the Family Friends of Scouting (FFOS) campaign resources page! Listed on this page are digital copies of your FOS Packet, tips and best practices, and other materials to help you run a successful FFOS campaign.

Our strongest supporters are often those who know Scouting first-hand. Each year, we coordinate Family Friends of Scouting presentations at Pack, Troop and Crew gatherings to ask Scouting families for their support. Your best resources for running a successful Friends of Scouting campaign are your District FFOS Chair, Community Relations Executive, and the Friends of Scouting Packet given out at the November Roundtable.

For further questions about Family Friends of Scouting, use the contact information below and we'd be happy to help!.

Trying to Donate?

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Unit Fundraiser Webpage

Have you set up your Unit's individual fundraiser page? It is a great way to direct parents, grandparents, and other volunteers to donate! Check out our step-by-step guide "FOS Website Setup Guide" in the Related Content section of this page and head into the Family FOS Unit Pages to get started.

Family FOS Unit Page

Tracking Your Unit's or District's Campaign

Staying up to date on who has given is key to being successful. In every Family FOS packet, you will find a carbon copy ledger with pre-printed names to help you track individual gifts. Do you need a blank copy? Check out the Related Content section of this page for a blank FOS ledger for helpful documents, pages, and forms. These materials will be added throughout the month of October.

To double check your total gifts, you can log into the Unit Toolbox System to see a snapshot of your Unit's and District's overall giving for this campaign year. Please contact your Community Relations Executive at 612-261-2300 if you do not have a log in or need assistance logging into the Unit Toolbox System

Unit Toolbox System

You can also contact your District Family FOS Chair or Community Relations Executive at 612-261-2300 for a report of individual gifts or to reconcile discrepancies.

FFOS Video: Use During Presentation

Presenter Training Video

Presenter Example

2019 Family Friends of Scouting Materials

2019 Family Friends of Scouting Resources

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